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Meet the Compassionate Nutritionist, Christine Thomson


“Compassion: having a sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress, along with the desire to alleviate it.”


I became a nutritionist as part of a journey, not only to help others, but to help myself. My lifelong struggle with my weight led to emotional issues and other unhealthy habits as well. As I began to learn how to treat my body better, I discovered that using the same strategies in other areas of my life would yield the same kind of results. Now, as a health and wellness professional, I teach these principles of holistic healing that will not only change your eating habits, but change the way you live your life.

My struggles are your struggles – let my victory become your victory as well. Take your personal journey toward health and wholeness with someone who knows where you are and what you are going through. Ensure your success by working with a professional who has more than just information -

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